This website will only give you a small taste of what we have to offer at Womack Building Supplies as our stock is continually changing. To really see what we've got why not visit us in person?

Please contact us to confirm the availability on any item listed. Or any that isn't!Building Reclamation Norfolk Suffolk East Anglia 

Opening Times

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 8am-4pm.  Saturdays 8am-2pm. Weds we may be closed to the public. Please check, before making your journey. Email anytime!

We Buy and We Sell. We Collect and We Deliver.

We dismantle unwanted buildings and salvage the materials. We buy in and sell new and reclaimed building materials, architectural salvage, unusual and interesting items for landscaping and garden design, new doors from reclaimed timber, ironwork and much more! 

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Our Prices and Our Advice.

Pricing can depend on demand, current stock, quality, quantity bought or sold and delivery or collection fees. Contact Us our advice is completely Free.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and our ability to offer  great deals to our customers, some who have been dealing with us for many years.

Reclaimed Materials Make Sense

We are all becoming more aware of the impact we have on our environment. Yet we all have to live and need warm comfortable homes to keep us well and support our families. Ask yourself this question. What could be less environmentally damaging than to build your project using reclaimed products?

Most of our materials were made, used and reclaimed within short distances of our yard. They are collected, graded for quality, properly stored and delivered with only minimal impact on the environment.

A Piece of History Building Reclamation Norfolk Suffolk East Anglia

You only have to look at roofs laid with our graded reclaim tiles, a barn conversion with our huge oak tie beams, an extension built with our traditional bricks, or a cottage with our new made doors (from reclaimed pine and oak) to see and feel the difference that they can make to your project.

A Family Business for Over 30 Years.

Founded by Horrie and Gene Womack in 1981. Womack Building Supplies has been serving Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk and East Anglia with quality reclaimed building materials for over 30 years.